「PocketMoney」で資産管理をしてみる 3.5 【バージョンアップ編】

PocketMoneyPocketMoney 3.0.3(3.0.5対応)

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PocketMoney 3.0.3 available

Here is the full bug fix and additions list:

  • New: Transactions and Splits now allow incoming transfers not just outgoing. Tap on “To Trans”/”From Trans” to toggle it transfer direction.
  • New: “Filter active” or show filter name under the account name in the title bar
  • New: Show filtered balance and primary balance when filtered balance is showing.
  • New: Unbudgeted total for budgets.
  • New: Add option to wipe out transactions for accounts during QIF import (Prefs > Data Transfers > QIF Options)
  • New: Unchecking total worth on Account Balances screen will prompt user if they are sure they want to hide it if Show Accounts: Total Worth is selected.
  • Change: Tweaked the red color in the balance bar so it shows up better against the black background.
  • Change: csv file need to export currencycode and exchange rate.
  • Change: Export from the account balance screen uses the current all transactions filter.
  • Change: Subcategories hidden under unbudgeted expenses when you have a parent category budgeted.
  • Change: Top of calendar bar is transparent
  • Speed fix: Category report extremely slow on “View Non Zero accounts”.
  • Bug fix: Reports not including first of the month
  • Bug fix: App crashes after saving transaction with photo attached to it.
  • Bug fix: Summary graph not showing on program opening.
  • Bug fix: Deleting account will delete associated filter.
  • Bug fix: Drill down in category report not including first day of the month.
  • Bug fix: IDR (indo rupiah) not displaying decimal point.
  • Bug fix: Categories that have % or _ as characters will crash if try to rename them or set subcategories ON in budgets .
  • Bug fix: Duplicating transaction + adding Fee blanks out transaction when popping the viewcontroller.
  • Bug fix: Budget period starting on last day of month display monthly budgets correctly.
  • Bug fix: Crash when starting up.
  • Bug fix: Just noticed that if I tried to edit the Amount-field before saving the record, sometimes the Currency-part gets a value of ‘(nu’.
  • Bug fix: Edit Account/Splits screen delete-icon cosmetic flaw.
  • Bug fix: OFX file import missing transactions.
  • Bug fix: Filters duplicating themselves each time leaving transaction register.